Ultimate Murfestation - Custom Hearthstone Card
Sqentontheslime 3 days ago
I made a similar version called ultimate palladinfestation except it kept more to the theme of paladin (restoring 1 health, equipping 1 secret, and summoning a silver hand recruit) if your gonna make a UI card then try to keep along with the classes theme, like summoning one totem? at the moment the only difference between this and and UI is the values and the minion being a murloc.
iceycle2 3 days ago
*Better Shiv
*Murfestor? Really?
Thimzter (3.7)4 days ago
Sorry dude if my comment sounded insensitive, didn't want to cause any hate, completely understandable that you didnt know, sorry for any hate i caused :)
Turba 4 days ago
One word - Shiv
Thestalost (3.7)4 days ago
I've already saw that before....
schmingbinger 4 days ago
its completely understandable, itd be unreasonable for everyone to know every card thats ever been put into the gallery
GooDiNI (3.7) (creator)4 days ago
I just found cool art and decided to make a card with it. I didn't want to steal someone's ideas.
GooDiNI (3.7) (creator)4 days ago
Wow, I really didn't know about this. If i knew, that this card was created already, i wouldn't make it. I hope that you understand, that I don't check new cards in gallery every day, so sorry, if this one
annoys you already)
Thimzter (3.7)4 days ago
Another one of these murloc UI's? I loved the original concept but its been done too many times, bro u didnt spell murloc right btw. If you didn't know about it fair enough but its a complete rip off
schmingbinger 4 days ago
also this has been made twice before and i always see them in the card rating options, how did this get in here. 'murloc' doesnt have a 'k' in it
schmingbinger 4 days ago
@Terakali its based off of ultimate infestation
Terakali 4 days ago
So, the 1 cost hunter spell but with an armor, a draw, and 1 more mana. Definitely worth it for that draw.