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3rd January, 2014 ( Basic) ()

Made by Nikko

Nikko (creator)2 years ago (sticked)
Want to thank everyone who donates and in other ways supports the site. You're the best!
DustenStein (4.1)1 day ago
Did you import the art? If so, just don't. Go get it elsewhere. There are many places where you can download Hearthstone art
Ubertrainer2000 (3.5)1 day ago

MosnarNoedig 2 days ago
No, you missed nothing. And requesting something that was only ever granted twice, and those times as a reward for overwhelming popularity, seems like a lad getting a bit big for 'is britches.
Poondaedalin (4)2 days ago
Did... Did you just say 15 new tribes? The hell did I miss?
Ubertrainer2000 (3.5)2 days ago
Can you add a toolbar to the card ''Brawl: MANY TRIBES! HANDLE IT!''? It's like the one at the Alliance Vs Horde Tavern Brawl, but with the 15 new tribes as options.
Ubertrainer2000 (3.5)4 days ago
The frames of Fighter Mercenary abilities become blank when they're created! Can someone fix that please?
DustenStein (4.1)1 week ago
All BG heroes are boss cards
DustenStein (4.1)1 week ago
We have that, no?
Calphricham 1 week ago
Does anyone have any thoughts about the "boss" option on the set creator? What do you think would be different and what could you do?
Netheferious 1 week ago
They are not in the void.
DustenStein (4.1)1 week ago
Have you checked the Void?
Netheferious 1 week ago
Mercs I upload keep randomly vanishing into nonexistence.
Ubertrainer2000 (3.5)2 weeks ago
The first Merc just got into the gallery successfully! You know what this means....the gallery has to be updated with a Mercenary section!
Ubertrainer2000 (3.5)2 weeks ago
The frames of Caster and Fighter ability cards vanish when they are created. Can somebody fix that, or else all we'll be having in the gallery are Protectors!
MosnarNoedig 2 weeks ago
Some of the Blizz ones only had two equipment tokens.
Ubertrainer2000 (3.5)2 weeks ago
And a reminder to you all....When Mercenaries arrive to Hearthcards, they must have three attack tokens, and three equipment tokens.
Ubertrainer2000 (3.5)2 weeks ago
Attack cards can possess spell schools, or be minions: These summon the minion to the field, and thus have attack and health. Finally, there are equipment cards that improve a Mercenary's abilities. See the gameplay video for the rules of the Mercenaries mode!
DustenStein (4.1)2 weeks ago
But, Ubertrainer, Nikko is already working on it (check out his recent cards ;)
Nikko (creator)2 weeks ago
I wouldn't expect it any time soon. Here's one though!

DustenStein (4.1)2 weeks ago
I think it would be a heck of a lot of work but that game mode is so different, it might as well have its own section
Ubertrainer2000 (3.5)2 weeks ago
Mercenary cards use a new card frame with Attack, Health, and an XP Bar, and come in one of three colours: the Red Protectors, the Green Fighters, and the Blue Casters. Each Mercenary possess three different attacks, each one having a speed value (Lower is faster), and some have a cooldown. Attacks also use a new card frame!
Ubertrainer2000 (3.5)2 weeks ago
BE A BOSS, KING OR QUEEN, RULE EVERYTHING, WHEN YOU'RE A....MERCENARY! The Mercenaries card layouts have now been revealed! If Hearthcards could create them before the big release, we could expand our imagination even further!
Ubertrainer2000 (3.5)3 weeks ago
hereharehere 1 month ago
And thanks :D!
hereharehere 1 month ago
Hi Nikko, just registered to say that this is a superb site you have. But I wondered, did you realise it's probably the best free tool around to create any kind detailed homemade boardgame/CCG components? Just using 'Landscape' reduces to hearthstone clutter etc. My point is, that maybe you could earn more by offering the service with to a wider, non-Heathstone customer. For example, I would need to pay for Top Trump templates when making various homemade versions for my son and me, but this is free and very easy to use. Anyway, just said it's worth considering and I'll be sending a donation. One thing; on 'Landscape' if you customize the Jewel colour it disappears, which I guess is a bug.
Kapiork 1 month ago
At least it's not as bad as it used to be, as I think at one point card expansions were at least 3 expansions behind.
Calphricham 1 month ago
Cards posted even today show up as posted during Forged in the Barrens when in fact, United in Stormwind came out when the cards were posted. This should be fixed.
Lucious (4)1 month ago
I noticed that the Demon Hunter class card filter in the Gallery doesn't show dual-class cards.
TheInnkeeper001 1 month ago
@Nikko Can I send you a custom legendary border (replaces the dragon) that SpookyGhostbear let me edit? I thought it would be interesting to see if this was possible, and you would be the only one able to test it. It’s a transparent version of what’s on this card:


Thanks for your time and everything you do, Nikko.