Molten Core - Custom Hearthstone Card

Molten Core

13th July, 2018 (WW+)

Made by Thunderlust ()

egweghl 7 months ago
Weakness + Fel Power
Tale Teller 7 months ago
He DID know it ya dummy, he just corrected himself
MurlocAggroB (3.8)7 months ago
Rummaging Kobold returns a destroyed weapon to your hand. I don't blame you for not knowing that, it's a crappy card, but it's still better to show a mana cost.
Thunderlust (creator)7 months ago
Oh I see what you mean now. Still a place holder, originally said "x" for mana but the card would be 10 mana for balance.
Thunderlust (creator)7 months ago
The Forged Blade is just to show what the weapon would look like. The Molten Core says to equip the weapon so its mana cost would not matter?
MurlocAggroB (3.8)7 months ago
The Forged Blade should cost more than 0 mana. OP OP with Rummaging Kobold.
Figelop 7 months ago
I get what your going for, but these options range from ehh to SUPER OP. I would say go back through this and tweak it.
Thunderlust (creator)7 months ago
This card is similar to Kazakus. First you choose a weapon stat, then a weapon effect, then a weapon Deathrattle. Just ask if further explanation is needed.