Fan of Shurikens - Custom Hearthstone Card

Fan of Shurikens

13th January, 2019 (RR)

Made by DarkCalinou ()

Kosmyc 5 months ago
I think this could see play in... pogo rouge. (Why?) Dosen't over draw, tutors nicely, combos nice with prep. etc
keyvnn9 (4)5 months ago
@Siege Cards in your deck are stronger than randomly generated spells.
DarkCalinou (3.8) (creator)5 months ago
@Siege Yeah but rogue like to play Thanos and Preparation. And you can't compare draw and random generation.
Siege 5 months ago
This is like the mage spell Blast wave, it costs 1 mana more for the upside of not hitting your own board, but instead of generating value it draws, it seems weaker than its mage counterpart which already doesnt see play
DarkCalinou (3.8) (creator)5 months ago
@SirCat Why ? Are you sure you considered the Overkill, Spell damage and Preparation interactions right ?
SirCat (3.7)5 months ago
This should deal 3 damage or cost less.
DarkCalinou (3.8) (creator)5 months ago
Little Spikes