Naga Explorer - Custom Hearthstone Card

Naga Explorer

17th April, 2018 (WW)

KiruChan 10 months ago
Different effect. This would be a lot more tolerable, though. Giants are no longer 8/8 and spells also cost 5.
quakins 10 months ago
Look up Naga Sea Witch, GreeDurden
Deloa (3.7)11 months ago
@PrfrSlime: spells cost (5) as well.
PrfsrSlime 11 months ago
"minions you play are 5/5 and cost (5)"
Flipombe (3.7)11 months ago
Well, you could just slap this thing after whispering woods for example and then after a minion would survive damage, it would return to five health. Thats how this card would work with this wording.
GreeDurden 11 months ago
The idea is cool, but this is too strong.
Maybe as a legendary with a higher cost idk.