Durokk the Armored - Custom Hearthstone Card

Durokk the Armored

14th June, 2018 (K&C)

Made by CarlL

CarlL (creator)5 days ago
@Winbow First I actually thought about Baku Warrior, or rather Baku Quest Warrior. However when I was about to create the card, I realized that Baku Quest Warrior was the biggest winner of all Warrior and wanted to create some other type of Warrior, not just help Baku Quest Warrior even more. So basically the card is another way of playing Warrior, Combo-ish.
Topandito 6 days ago
@Winbow Even warrior needs everything it can get. XD
Winbow 1 week ago
Why not Odd-Cost card??! :'(
Sdather 1 week ago
Indeed: it gives a card that gives Armor, not Armor itself.
CarlL (creator)1 week ago
I'm pretty sure you are not supposed to be able to get this card by itself, only from Stonehill Defender. This doesn't give Armor.
Rousing 1 week ago
I like this card. you can basicly get this card of this card and Stonehill Defender*. Thats insane
CarlL (creator)1 week ago