A1-AK15, the Steamlord - Custom Hearthstone Card

A1-AK15, the Steamlord

13th July, 2018 (K&C)

hfqeiuashi 13 hours ago
(that other Steambot, whatever)
hfqeiuashi 13 hours ago
@Lucious bruh
But let's say you're really desperate for something defensive. You have two Unpowered Steambots on board and it's turn 8 for your opponent. (9 if he went first) He does his turn, probably killing one Steambot. You play this to the left of that Steambot and you're saved!
Superscifi 1 day ago
Tale Teller 1 day ago
KiruChan, I dunno man. Just arguing I guess.
My opinion on this card is that’s it’s not OP. Keyvnn9, you say that this is more flexible than the 2 mana spell? In what world does that make any sense?! This really can’t be that powerful, like come on
Lucious (3.8)1 day ago
@keyvnn9 Personaly, I don't think that Al'Akir is very powerful (except with Corpsetaker) so I don't think this is either. But if you find one of these cards powerful, you find the other one powerfull as well. Just my opinion.
KiruChan (3.9)1 day ago
How do people on this website hate each other so much?
keyvnn9 (3.7)1 day ago
@Lucious This is much more flexible than Windfury, because it can be played as its own minion. I'm not saying it's OP, though.
Lucious (3.8)1 day ago
@egweghl True, but you can just play Windfury (spell) and Rockbiter Weapon for 4 Mana and it's the same effect if you have lethal with it.
This really isn't that powerfull.
egweghl 2 days ago
What is you have a big Mech from turn 8?
Matz (3.7)2 days ago
Explain why this is OP ? This is just Al'akir with magnetic for one more Mana, the charge is irrelevant when used with Magnetic since it could only be played on a 1 mana mech.
And if you really want to give a minion windfury for combo potential, you know that there is a Shaman card that does just that for 2 mana, and guess what ? It never saw competition play.
MarkusEagle22 2 days ago
Guys just too OP, I love the idea but just impossible. maybe with some balance, like make it cost 10 and lowing its stats....
keyvnn9 (3.7)2 days ago
When you give Force Tank MAX Windfury...
KiruChan (3.9)2 days ago
Corpse Taker is mainly used in Even, no?
Matz (3.7)3 days ago
So basically Al'akir with Magnetic ? I like it, the problem though is it allows Shamans to basically run 2 Al'akirs, which some Corpsetaker shamans might want to.
CrispyPickles 3 days ago