Pilfered Brute - Custom Hearthstone Card

Pilfered Brute

14th June, 2018 (WW)

Made by ClixZzz

ClixZzz (3.6) (creator)7 months ago
He is mad because he got pilfered i guess. So now he pilfers to become pilfering brute.
Nibroc 7 months ago
Perfectly balanced! It's super easy to get but not guaranteed, (but basically guaranteed lol), and when you do get it to trigger it's just good enough. Wish I thought of it. And @Anonymous318 lololol XD
Anonymous318 (3.8)7 months ago
Is the brute doing the pilfering or being pilfered? The name seems to imply the latter one.
Auron2000 7 months ago
CarlL 7 months ago