Pilfered Brute - Custom Hearthstone Card

Pilfered Brute

14th June, 2018 (WW)

Made by ClixZzz

ClixZzz (creator)11 months ago
He is mad because he got pilfered i guess. So now he pilfers to become pilfering brute.
Nibroc (3.8)11 months ago
Perfectly balanced! It's super easy to get but not guaranteed, (but basically guaranteed lol), and when you do get it to trigger it's just good enough. Wish I thought of it. And @Anonymous318 lololol XD
Anonymous318 (3.9)11 months ago
Is the brute doing the pilfering or being pilfered? The name seems to imply the latter one.
Auron2000 11 months ago
CarlL 11 months ago